Manias vs. Phobias – Part 1: Manias (1)

The following lists of manic definitions are excerpts from Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and Medical Transcription Resource.


-mania [Gr., madness] Combining form tthat signifies obsessive preoccupation.

The following comes from Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.



Ablutomania–Compulsion to wash or clean.
Agromania–Unreasonable desire for solitude or solitudinous wandering. Morbid desire to live in solitude or in the country.
Alcoholomania–Abnormal craving for intoxicants. (Personal note: this, I believe, is different than alcoholism in that alcoholism is a state of being and it is alcoholomania that leads to that state.)


Bibliomania–Obsession with the collecting of books.
Bromomania–Mental disorder caused by chronic misuse of bromides.


Callomania–Belief in one’s own beauty; a delusion of the insane.
Camphoromania–Abnormal craving for camphor (a gum obtained from an evergreen tree native to China and Japan).
Choreomania–Dancing mania. Seen in the Middle Ages.
Choromania–Dance mania, a form of chorea.
Cleptomania–Kleptomania. Impulsive stealing in which the motive is not related to the intrinsic value of the stolen article. There is often deep regret following the act.
Cocainomania–Intense desire for cocaine and its effects.
Cresomania–Hallucination of possessing great wealth.
Croesomania–Hallucination of possessing great wealth.


Dacnomania–An irrational impulse to kill.
Dipsomania–A morbid and uncontrollable craving for alcoholic beverages.
Drapetomania–Insane impulse to wander from home.
Dromomania–Insane impulse to wander.


Ecdemomania–Wanderlust; abnormal desire to wander.
Egomania–Abnormal self-esteem and self-interest.
Enomania–Craving for alcoholic beverages.
Enosimania–A mental state characterized by excessive and irrational terror.
Entheomania–Religious insanity.
Ergasiomania–An abnormal desire to be busy at work.
Erotomania–Pathological exaggeration of sexual behavior.
Erythromania–Uncontrolled blushing.
Esthesiomania–Insanity with sensory hallucinations and perverted moral sensibilities.
Etheromania–Addiction to use of ether.


Gynecomania–Abnormal sex desire in the male.


Histrionic Mania–Dramatic gestures, expressions, and speech in certain psychiatric states.
Hypomania–Mild mania and excitement with moderate change in behavior.


Kleptomania–Impulsive stealing, the motive not being in the intrinsic value of the article to the patient. In almost all cases, the individual has enough money to pay for the stolen goods. The stealing is done without prior planning and without the assistance of others. There is increased tension prior to the theft and a sense of gratification while committing the act.


Logomania–Repetitious, continuous, and excessive flow of speech seen in monomania.


Macromania–1. Megalomania, q.v. 2. The delusion that the affected individual or his or her parts or surroundings are extremely large.
Megalomania–A psychosis characterized by ideas of personal exaltation and delusions of grandeur.
Methomania–Pathological craving for intoxicating drinks or other intoxicants.
Monomania–Mental illness characterized by distortion of thought processes concerning a single subject or idea.
Musicomania–Insane love of music.


Necromania–1. Abnormal interest in dead bodies or in death. 2. Mania with desire for death.
Nostomania–Nostalgia verging on insanity.
Nudomania–Abnormal desire to be nude.
Nymphomania–Abnormal excessive sexual desire in a female.


Oikomania–Nervous disorder induced by unhappy home surroundings.
Oniomania–A psychoneurotic urge to spend money.
Onomatomania–A mental derangement characterized by an abnormal impulse to dwell upon or repeat certain words by attaching significance to their imagined hidden meanings or by trying frantically to recall a particular word.
Onychotillomania–A neurotic tendency to pick the nails.
Opiomania–Insane craving for opium or its derivatives.
Opsomania–Craving for some special article of food.


Paramania–A type of emotional disturbance in which the individual derives pleasure from complaining.
Paratereseomania–Insane desire to investigate new scenes and subjects.
Peotillomania–A nervous habit or tic consisting of constant pulling at the penis.
Pharmacomania–Abnormal desire for giving or taking medicines.
Phonomania–Insanity characterized by tendency to commit murder.
Photomania–1. A psychosis produced by prolonged exposure to intense light. 2. A psychotic desire for light.
Planomania–Morbid desire to wander and to be free of social restraints.
Plutomania–Delusion that one is very rich.
Poriomania–Morbid desire to wander from home.
Posiomania–Addiction to alcoholic drinks.
Pyromania–Fire madness; mania for setting fires or seeing them.


Satyromania–Satyriasis, q.v. (Excessive, and often uncontrollable, sexual drive in men.)
Sebastomania–Religious insanity.
Sitiomania–Periodic abnormal appetite or craving for food.
Sitomania–1. Periodic abnormal craving for food. 2. Periodic abnormality of appetite.
Sophomania–Unrealistic belief in one’s own wisdom.
Syphilomania–Morbid fear of syphilis or inference that one is suffering with it.


Thanatomania–Condition of homicidal or suicidal mania.
Theomania–Religious insanity; esp. That in which the patient thinks he is a deity or has divine inspiration.
Tomomania–1. Tendency of a surgeon to resort to unnecessary surgical operations. 2. Abnormal desire to be operated upon.
Toxicomania–Abnormal craving for narcotics, intoxicants, or poisons.
Trichokryptomania–Abnormal desire to break off the hair or beard with the fingernail.
Trichorrexomania–The abnormal habit of breaking off the hair with the fingernails.


Zoomania–A morbid and excessive affection for animals.


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Source: Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary


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