Manias vs. Phobias – Part 2: Phobias (1)

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The following lists of phobic definitions are excerpts from Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and The Phobia List by Fredd Culbertson.


-phobia [Gr.]. Suffix indicating abnorrmal fear of, or aversion to, a subject.

The following comes from Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.



Acarophobia–Abnormal fear of mites or worms.
Acerophobia–Fear of sourness.
Acousticophobia–Abnormal fear of loud sounds.
Acrophobia–Morbid fear of high places.
Aerophobia–Morbid fear of a draft or of fresh air.
Agoraphobia–Great fear of being alone, or of being in public places from which escape might be difficult. Normal activities that involve being in crowds, or on a busy street or in a crowded store, are avoided. Exposure to these conditions may cause the individual to panic.
Agyiophobia–Fear of streets.
Aichmophobia–Morbid fear of being touched by pointed objects or fingers.
Ailurophobia–Morbid fear of cats.
Algophobia–Morbid fear of pain.
Amathophobia–Fear of dust.
Amaxophobia–Fear of being in vehicles.
Amychophobia–Morbid fear of being scratched; fear of the claws of any animal.
Androphobia–Morbid fear of the male sex.
Anemophobia–Morbid fear of drafts or of the wind.
Anginophobia–Morbid fear of an attack of angina pectoris (severe pain and constriction about the heart).
Anthophobia–Morbid dislike or fear of flowers.
Anthropophobia–Fear of people.
Antlophobia–Fear of floods.
Apeirophobia–Fear of infinity.
Aphephobia–Morbid fear of being touched.
Apiphobia–Fear of bees.
Aquaphobia–Abnormal fear of water.
Arachnophobia–Morbid fear of spiders.
Asthenophobia–Fear of weakness.
Astraphobia–Fear of thunder and lightning.
Astrapophobia–Fear of lightning.
Astrophobia–Morbid fear of stars and celestial space.
Ataxophobia–Morbid dread of disorder or untidiness.
Atephobia–Fear of ruin.
Auroraphobia–Fear of the northern lights.
Automysophobia–Fear of personal filth or odor.
Autophobia–1. A psychoneurotic fear of being alone. 2. Abnormal fear of being egotistical.


Bacillophobia–Morbid fear of bacilli.
Ballistophobia–Fear of missiles.
Barophobia–Fear of gravity.
Basiphobia–Fear of walking.
Basophobia–1. Abnormal fear of walking. 2. Emotional inability to stand or walk in the absence of muscle disease.
Bathophobia–Abnormal fear of depths. Commonly refers to fear of height or of looking down from a high place.
Batophobia–Fear of high objects or being on tall buildings.
Batrachophobia–Fear of frogs.
Belonephobia–Morbid fear of sharp-pointed objects.
Bromidrosiphobia–Abnormal fear of personal odors, accompanied by hallucinations.
Brontophobia–Abnormal fear of thunder.


Cainotophobia–Fear of novelty.
Cancerophobia–Morbid fear of cancer.
Carcinomatophobia–Morbid fear of carcinoma (a new growth or malignant tumor that occurs in epithelial tissue).
Cardiophobia–Morbid fear of heart disease.
Carnophobia–Abnormal aversion to meat.
Catoptrophobia–Morbid fear of mirrors or of breaking them.
Cenophobia–Fear of barren or empty spaces. Fear of emptiness.
Cenotophobia–Morbid aversion to new things and new ideas.
Cheimaphobia–Fear of cold or something cold.
Cherophobia–Morbid fear of and aversion to gaiety.
Chionphobia–Fear of snow.
Cholerophobia–Morbid fear of acquiring cholera (An acute infection involving the entire small bowel, characterized by profuse watery diarrhea and vomiting, which produces severe loss of fluids and electrolytes, muscular cramps, oliguria, dehydration, and collapse.
Chrematophobia–Fear of money.
Chromatophobia–Fear of color.
Chromophobia–Condition of staining poorly.
Chronophobia–Fear of time.
Cibophobia–A morbid aversion to or fear of food.
Claustrophobia–Fear of being confined in any space, as in a locked room. Opposite of agoraphobia.
Climacophobia–Fear of stairs.
Clithrophobia–Morbid fear of being locked in.
Coitophobia–Morbid fear of sexual intercourse.
Cometophobia–Fear of comets.
Coprophobia–A morbid disgust at defecation and feces.
Cremnophobia–Fear of precipices.
Crystallophobia–Abnormal fear of glass or objects made of glass.
Cynophobia–1. Unreasonable fear of dogs. 2. Morbid fear of rabies.
Cypridophobia–1. Morbid fear of venereal disease. 2. Abnormal fear of the sexual act. 3. False belief of having a venereal disease.
Cypriphobia–Morbid aversion to and fear of coitus.


Decidophobia–Fear of making a decision.
Defecalgesiophobia–Fear of defecating because of pain.
Demonophobia–Fear of demons.
Demophobia–Fear of crowds.
Dermatophobia–Abnormal fear of having a skin disease.
Dermatosiophobia–Fear of skin disease.
Dextrophobia–Abnormal aversion to objects on the right side of the body.
Dikephobia–Fear of justice.
Domatophobia–Abnormal aversion to being in a house; a form of claustrophobia.
Doraphobia–Abnormal aversion to touching the hair or fur of animals.
Dromophobia–Fear of crossing streets.
Dysmorphophobia–Morbid fear of deformity.


Eisoptrophobia–Fear of mirrors and seeing oneself in a mirror.
Electrophobia–Fear of electricity.
Emetophobia–Fear of vomiting.
Enissophobia–Fear of criticism, esp. for having committed a sin.
Entomophobia–Fear of insects.
Eosophobia–Fear of dawn.
Eremophobia–Dread of being alone.
Ereuthrophobia–Pathological fear of blushing.
Ergasiophobia–Abnormal dislike for work of any kind or for assuming responsibility.
Ergophobia–Morbid dread of working.
Erotophobia–Aversion to sexual love or its manifestations.
Erythrophobia–1. Abnormal dread of blushing or fear of being diffident or of being embarrassed. 2. A morbid fear of, or aversion to, anything colored red.
Eurotophobia–Fear of female genitals.


Febriphobia–Anxiety or fear induced by a rise in body temperature.


Galeophobia–Abnormal aversion to cats.
Gamophobia–Neurotic fear of marriage.
Gatophobia–Fear of cats.
Genophobia–Fear of sex.
Gephyrophobia–Aversion to bodies of water, to crossing on bridges over water, or traveling on boats.
Geumaphobia–Abnormal dislike or fear of tastes.
Graphophobia–Abnormal fear of writing.
Gymnophobia–Abnormal aversion to viewing a naked body.
Gynephobia–Abnormal aversion to the company of women, or fear of them.
Gynophobia–Fear of women.


Hadephobia–Fear of hell.
Hamartophobia–Fear of sin.
Haphephobia–Aversion to being touched by another person.
Haptephobia–Fear of being touched.
Harpaxophobia–Fear of robbers.
Hedonophobia–Fear of pleasure.
Heliophobia–Abnormal fear of the sun’s rays, esp. By one who has suffered a sunstroke.
Helminthophobia–Morbid dread of worms or delusion of being infested by them.
Hemophobia–Aversion to seeing blood or to bleeding.
Hierophobia–Abnormal fear of sacred things or persons connected with religion.
Hodophobia–Fear of travel.
Homichlophobia–Fear of fog.
Homophobia–Fear or dislike of homosexuals.
Hormephobia–Fear of shock.
Hydrophobia–1. Morbid fear of water. 2. Common name for rabies, q.v., resulting from bite of a rabid animal.
Hydrophobophobia–Morbid fear of contracting hydrophobia (rabies), sometimes resulting in a hysterical condition resembling hydrophobia.
Hyelophobia–Fear of glass.
Hygrophobia–Fear of dampness or moisture.
Hylophobia–Fear of forests.
Hypengyophobia–Fear of responsibility.
Hypertrichophobia–Fear of hair on the body.
Hypnophobia–Morbid fear of falling asleep.
Hypsophobia–Fear of being at great heights.


Ichthyophobia–Aversion to fish.
Ideophobia–Fear of ideas.
Iophobia–1. Fear of being poisoned. 2. Fear of touching any rusty object.
Isolophobia–Fear of being alone.


Kainophobia–Abnormal aversion to new situations and things.
Kainotophobia–Fear of change or novelty.
Kakorrhaphiophobia–Fear of failure.
Kathisophobia–Fear of sitting down, and subsequent inability to sit still.
Kenophobia–Fear of empty spaces.
Keraunophobia–Dread of thunder and lightning.
Kinesophobia–Fear of motion.
Kleptophobia–Morbid fear of stealing.
Kopophobia–Abnormal fear of fatigue or exhaustion.


Laliophobia–Fear of speaking/Fear of talking.
Lalophobia–Morbid reluctance to speak due to fear of stammering or committing errors.
Levophobia–Morbid dread of objects on the left side of the body.
Linonophobia–Fear of string.
Lyssophobia–1. Hysteria resembling rabies. 2. Fear of rabies.


Maniaphobia–Fear of becoming insane.
Mechanophobia–Fear of machinery.
Megalophobia–Fear of large objects.
Melissophobia–Abnormal fear of bee or wasp stings.
Meningitophobia–A condition that simulates meningitis and is caused by fear of meningitis.
Merinthophobia–Morbid fear of being tied.
Metallophobia–Abnormal fear of metals and metallic objects and of touching them.
Meteorophobia–Fear of meteors.
Microbiophobia–An abnormal fear of germs.
Microphobia–1. Psychopathic fear of microbes. 2. Morbid dread of small objects.
Molysmophobia–Morbid fear of contamination or infection.
Monopathophobia–Fear of a definite, specific disease.
Monophobia–Abnormal fear of being alone.
Musophobia–Fear of mice.
Mysophobia–Abnormal aversion to dirt or contamination.
Mythophobia–Abnormal dread of making a false or incorrect statement.


Necrophobia–1. Abnormal aversion to dead bodies. 2. Insane dread of death.
Neophobia–Fear of new scenes or novelties; aversion to all that is unknown or not understood.
Noctiphobia–Fear of the night and darkness.
Nosophobia–Abnormal aversion to illness or to a particular affection.
Nudophobia–Abnormal fear of being unclothed.
Nyctophobia–Abnormal dread of the night or of darkness.


Ochlophobia–Abnormal dread of crowds or populated places.
Odontophobia–1. Abnormal aversion to the sight of teeth. 2. Abnormal fear of dental surgery.
Odynophobia–Abnormal dread of pain.
Oikophobia–Morbid dislike of the home.
Olfactophobia–Fear of odor.
Ombrophobia–Fear and anxiety induced by storms, threatening clouds, or rain.
Ommatophobia–Fear of eyes.
Onomatophobia–Abnormal fear of hearing a certain name or word because of an imaginary dreadful meaning attached to it.
Ophidiophobia–Abnormal fear of snakes.
Ornithophobia–Fear of birds.
Osmophobia–Morbid fear of odors.
Osphresiophobia–Fear of odors.


Panophobia–Morbid fear of some unknown evil or of everything in general; general apprehension.
Panphobia–Groundless fear of everything.
Pantophobia–Morbid, groundless fear of everything in general.
Paraphobia–A mild form of phobia.
Parasitophobia–Unusual fear of parasites.
Parthenophobia–Fear of virgins or girls.
Parturiphobia–Fear of childbirth.
Pathophobia–Morbid fear of disease.
Patroiophobia–Fear of heredity and hereditary disease.
Peccatiphobia–Abnormal dread of sinning.
Pediculophobia–Abnormal dread of lice.
Pediophobia–Fear of dolls.
Peniaphobia–Fear of poverty.
Phagophobia–Dread of being eaten.
Pharmacophobia–Abnormal fear of taking medicines.
Phengophobia–Abnormal dread of light.
Phobophobia–Morbid fear of acquiring a phobia.
Phonophobia–1. Morbid fear of sound or noise. 2. Fear of speaking or hearing one’s own voice.
Photaugiaphobia–Intolerance of bright light.
Photophobia–Unusual intolerance of light. Occurs in measles and rubella, meningitis, and inflammation of the eyes.
Phronemophobia–Fear of thinking.
Phthiriophobia–Abnormal dread of lice.
Phthisiophobia–Fear of tuberculosis.
Pnigerophobia–Morbid fear of choking; sometimes experienced in angina pectoris.
Poinephobia–Fear of punishment.
Polyphobia–Excessive or abnormal fear of a number of things.
Ponophobia–1. Abnormal distaste for exerting oneself. 2. Dread of pain.
Potamophobia–A morbid fear of large bodies of water.
Proctophobia–Abnormal apprehension in those suffering from rectal disease.
Proteinophobia–Aversion to foods containing protein.
Psychrophobia–Abnormal aversion or sensitiveness to cold.
Pteronophobia–Fear of feathers.
Pyrexeophobia–Fear of fever.
Pyrophobia–Abnormal fear of fire.


Radiophobia–Abnormal fear of x-rays and radiation.
Rectophobia–Acute anxiety concerning the possibility of having cancer in those patients with rectal disease.
Rhabdophobia–Abnormal fear of being hit or beaten with a stick or rod.
Rhypophobia–Abnormal disgust at the act of defecation, feces, or filth.
Rupophobia–Abnormal dislike for dirt or filth.


Satanophobia–Fear of the devil.
Scabiophobia–Fear of scabies.
Scabiphobia–Abnormal fear of acquiring scabies.
Scelerophobia–Fear of bad men or burglars.
School Phobia–Fear of schools.
Scopophobia–Abnormal fear of being seen.
Scotophobia–Abnormal dread of darkness.
Siderodromophobia–Morbid fear of railway travel.
Siderophobia–Fear of stars.
Sitophobia–Psychoneurotic abhorrence of food, or morbid dread of or repugnance to food, whether generally or only to specific dishes.
Spectrophobia–Fear of mirrors and seeing oneself in a mirror.
Spermatophobia–Abnormal fear of being afflicted with spermatorrhea, involuntary loss of semen.
Stasibasiphobia–Delusion of one’s inability to stand or walk, or fear to make the attempt.
Stasiphobia–Delusion of one’s inability to stand erect or hesitation to make the attempt.
Stygiophobia–Fear of hell.
Symbolophobia–Hesitancy in expressing one’s self in words or action for fear that it may be interpreted as possessing a symbolic meaning.
Syphiliphobia–Morbid fear of syphilis.
Syphilophobia–1. Morbid fear of syphilis. 2. Delusion of having syphilis.


Tabophobia–A morbid fear of being afflicted with tabes, a common symptom of neurasthenia.
Taeniophobia–Morbid fear of becoming infested with tapeworms.
Taphephobia–Abnormal fear of being buried alive.
Teratophobia–Abnormal fear of giving birth to a malformed fetus or of being in contact with one.
Thaasophobia–Fear of sitting.
Thalassophobia–Abnormal fear of the sea.
Thanatophobia–Morbid fear of death.
Theophobia–Abnormal fear of the wrath of God.
Thermophobia–Abnormal fear of heat.
Tocophobia–Abnormal fear of childbirth.
Topophobia–A fear of psychoneurotic origin in relation to a particular locality.
Toxicophobia–Abnormal fear of being poisoned by any medium: food, gas, water or drugs.
Toxiphobia–Abnormal fear of being poisoned.
Traumatophobia–Fear of injury.
Tremophobia–Abnormal fear of trembling.
Triakaidekaphobia–Superstition regarding the number 13.
Trichinophobia–Abnormal fear of developing trichinosis.
Trichopathophobia–Morbid fear of hair on the face experienced by women, or any abnormal anxiety regarding hair.
Triskaidekaphobia–Superstition concerning the number 13.
Tuberculophobia–An abnormal fear of being infected with tuberculosis.


Vaccinophobia–Fear of vaccination.
Venereophobia–Abnormal fear of venereal disease.
Vermiphobia–An abnormal fear of being infested with worms.


Xenophobia–Abnormal dread of strangers.


Zelophobia–Fear of jealousy.
Zoophobia–Abnormal fear of animals.


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Source: Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary


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